Roadtrip across the South

Last week was a bit of a uni roadtrip, both going to uni and visiting other unis for my sister. So we visited the areas of Southampton and Winchester and of course, took some photos!

When visiting Southampton, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I’ve been to Southampton before, but only to visit family, or functions in a hall, never to the water front. I sort of knew that there was a port at Southampton, but I also thought that  more ferries and other boats docked at Portsmouth. . . Turns out I was wrong

The Queen Mary 2 was docked at the time and we could see people roaming around on the deck or eating their lunch most likely. I’ve never seen or really been near a cruise and to be honest the thought of them scares me a bit, but the ship glistening in the sun and the sheer size of it made the idea of a cruise look quite exciting.



Above is the ship as well as panoramic of the surrounding area and honestly, I felt like I was in another country. Not only the heat that day but the colour of the water and sky made it look it wasn’t England.

I’ve been slightly unconventional in these above pictures with the half and half horizon/sky composition but it definitely works in this case as the ship is the centre-piece.

Black white wood on water.jpg

Southampton is preparing for the boat show and so it was clear of any boats which I loved because it meant the water was clear and the wooden structures on the water allowed me to take some of my favourite images of the day. I edited the image in black and white for an increased dramatic feel and again, used an unconventional composition of 50/50 rather than thirds.

From Southampton we travelled to Winchester which I thought was a beautiful little city. Since I was using my phone camera, I didn’t have a wide enough lens in order to capture the cathedral properly so here’s what I got. . .


And the town had a lot of little local stalls. . .



And after Winchester, it was time to hit the road again through the countryside and back to uni. . .

IMG_20160906_181052 (1).jpg

And so here’s a few pictures from the south of England!

Thanks for reading!



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