Museum/Fashion Shoot/Trying Again

So after over a year of not writing and closing the blog, I’m starting it again and hopefully to continue it this time. In that time, I finished my A-Levels and I have just finished my first year of university studying philosophy and in the last few months I’ve launched a food blog (

In the last year or so I have discovered a great interest for fashion and photography from looking at the multitude of designers’ Instagram pages as well as reading and keeping up to date with the social media of fashion bloggers.

Last week, I met with one of my friends, Raman, for a day to the Victoria and Albert Museum and I told her about my interest in fashion and about potentially starting a fashion element to the blog. After eating a late lunch, and about to head home with about 10 minutes before I had to leave, she said to me, ‘c’mon, let’s take pictures’. So when you have 10 minutes to take pictures it certainly reflects our current culture compared to the culture we saw in the V&A.

Raman Laughing black and white with blue shirt.jpg

In 10 minutes, I took 14 photos on my phone not camera, and had a chat in between. Compare this to the oil paint and watercolour painted meters long portraits in the Indian section of the V&A and the differences are numerous:

The clothing…

Raman wore a loose shirt half tucked in on one side, flowing black trousers and white platform sandals with a black rucksack VS A long beautiful coloured peshwaj, heavy gold jewellery hanging on their ears and nose as well as anklets, bangles, necklaces and head pieces. (The Mughal period)

the expression…

I caught this shot whilst we were speaking and laughing – the best shots are the ones when the person doesn’t know it’s being taken VS a still straight expression, no smiling.

the setting…

The busy streets of London near a bush, railings and a red phone box nearby VS an indoor setting away from other people.

the method of art…

Digital photography then edited digitally in Photoshop to only allow the blue stripes of her shirt to stand out VS oil painting, numerous brush strokes of colour. Looking at the paintings from many angles, you could see the layers built up in the paintings giving the piece texture.

to mention a few.


Here are a few more images which show the contrast between now and then in Indian fashion. My analysis of the two have been brief, but again, that only reflects the fast pace life we lead now in all aspects of our lives. I’ve left these two images above unedited, raw in the sense that, that was the moment in time and it only took a split second to capture the moment – Again another difference to the paintings that would’ve taken hours to create a piece of art to capture that moment.

Until the next post (hopefully 😉 )

Thank you for reading,





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