Why does black and white photography always look good?!

Big Ben from the London EyeSecond week of the new year and I was talking to a friend about black and white photography. On Instagram you’ll see that I took a picture of a very simple building and instantly changed it to black and white and increased the contrast. And the effect is 10x better than when it was the plain grey/brown brick colours.

Today I felt like looking back at my pictures that I took from the London Eye last year. Whilst looking at a London landmark that is Big Ben, you are viewing it from a capsule that is just as much as a landmark as Big Ben that defines London and the UK.

I thought I would make this image black and white, then increase the contrast to get to the photograph above and the slight dark edge just adds that little bit extra that draws you into the photo. It gives a slightly vintage look to the photo. . . and to me it looks like there could be the effect of tilt shift since the city looks like a little toy model. . . Let me know if you think the same or if it’s just me!


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