Starting 2015

Last year I went into London (several times) to complete some night time shoots of the Christmas lights on Regent Street, Oxford Street, Leicester Square and much more. Completing those many shoots (not only for Christmas lighting) at 10 pm or even into the early hours of the morning and then looking back at the photos I took, it all made me realise how much I love night photography. I therefore thought there is no better way to start 2015 by going back to London to see what lights they have up this year, or really for last year’s festive season!

I absolutely love the 35mm lens for taking pictures at night, probably for the simple reason that I can achieve such great patterns through bokeh, although the downside is that I can’t zoom.

Oxford Street lights
It certainly feels magical when the sky is dark and all you can see is a trail of light filling the sky, marking the path of London’s iconic Oxford street. And this image could not be filled with more things that scream London, from the red buses and the taxis, all creating a buzz and warm glow from their headlights.
Creating the bokeh effect from the Oxford Street Lights
And here it is. . . I couldn’t resist altering the focus on the lens to achieve this beautiful bokeh effect from the lights on Oxford Street; the circles of light look like confetti falling. Although I find that when I show others bokeh work, some love the effect, yet others cannot see anything past plain circles on a screen.
Bokeh Arches
In a street just off Oxford Street, I found these large arches, and yet again, I altered the focus creating the effect of bokeh but not too prominently, so that the shapes of the street can still be seen, and for me, the small glittering circles mirror the feel of the festive season.
New Bond Street
I also ventured towards New Bond Street to see these exquisite feathered shaped lights that tower above us. These are some of the most unusual lights I’ve seen in London.

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